1. Billing and Payment

1.1. Pricing and Currency: All prices displayed on the Big Bad Beards website are expressed in British Pounds (GBP) and include applicable taxes unless otherwise explicitly stated. The Company, Big Bad Beards, reserves the unequivocal right to modify prices at its sole discretion without any prior notice. Any alterations to the pricing shall be conspicuously communicated on the Website.

1.2. Payment Methods: Big Bad Beards facilitate payments through various secure methods, including but not limited to credit/debit cards, electronic funds transfer, and third-party payment processors. By providing your payment details, you hereby warrant and represent that you are duly authorized to utilize the selected payment method and that the information furnished is accurate, complete, and current. 

1.3. Order Confirmation: Following successful payment, Big Bad Beards shall transmit an order confirmation to the email address provided by you. The said confirmation, issued exclusively by Big Bad Beards, will comprehensively outline pertinent information regarding the products or services procured, the total order amount, and the associated billing details.

1.4. Recurring Subscriptions: In the event that you opt for a subscription-based service or product offered by Big Bad Beards, you expressly authorize the Company to recurrently charge your designated payment method in accordance with the chosen billing cycle (e.g., monthly, quarterly, annually), until such time that you duly terminate the subscription. You explicitly acknowledge and consent to the automated debiting of recurring charges from your selected payment method. 

2. Misuse of Information

Big Bad Beards places utmost importance on protecting your personal information provided during the billing process. You agree not to engage in any unlawful or unauthorized use of billing information obtained through interactions with the company. Misuse includes unauthorized disclosure, sale, or distribution of personal information. Any misuse may result in legal action and termination of access to the company's services.

Big Bad Beards comply with data protection laws and implement reasonable security measures. While the company strives to protect your information, it cannot guarantee

absolute security over the internet. Please review the Big Bad Beards Privacy Policy for detailed information on data handling and protection.

Big Bad Beards prioritize the protection of customer information. Personal data provided during billing or while using the Website is handled confidentially, in line with the Big Bad Beards Privacy Policy. The unauthorized use, disclosure, or distribution of this information is strictly prohibited. The company complies with data protection laws and takes reasonable security measures. However, the absolute security of internet-transmitted data cannot be guaranteed. Report any suspected misuse to customer support for investigation and action.

3. Billing Disputes and Chargebacks

3.1. Dispute Resolution: Should any concerns or disputes arise in relation to billing matters, it is imperative that you promptly notify and engage in communication with the designated customer support team at Big Bad Beards. The Company shall make reasonable endeavors to address and resolve your concerns within a reasonable timeframe. To facilitate a swift resolution, it is recommended that you furnish all relevant details and provide any supporting documentation that may be germane to the matter at hand.

3.2. Chargebacks: Big Bad Beards strongly encourages customers to engage in good faith efforts to resolve any billing issues by contacting the customer support team prior to initiating a chargeback. In the event that you initiate a chargeback without engaging in prior communication or attempting to resolve the matter with Big Bad Beards, the Company reserves the unassailable right to suspend or terminate your access to the products or services offered via the Website. Chargebacks should be regarded as a measure of last resort, to be pursued only after all reasonable avenues of resolution have been exhausted.

4. Accuracy of Billing Information

4.1. Responsibility for Accuracy: As a valued customer of Big Bad Beards, it is incumbent upon you to ensure the provision of accurate and up-to-date billing information during the purchase process. You bear the sole responsibility for promptly updating any changes or modifications to your billing information to guarantee the uninterrupted accessibility of Big Bad Beards' products or services. The precise and veracious provision of billing information is indispensable for the seamless processing of your orders.

4.2. Non-Liability: Big Bad Beards shall not be held liable for any consequential damages, delays, or losses arising from the submission of inaccurate or outdated billing information by you. It is incumbent upon you to diligently and diligently maintain the accuracy of your billing information in order to mitigate any potential adverse effects.

5. Amendments and Modifications 

5.1. Changes to the Terms: Big Bad Beards expressly reserves the unreserved right to effectuate amendments or updates to these Billing Terms & Conditions at its sole discretion and without any obligation to provide prior notice. Any modifications or revisions shall take effect immediately upon the posting of the revised version on the website. It is your individual responsibility to periodically review the Terms to remain apprised of any such updates.

5.2. Continued Use: By continuing to avail yourself of the exceptional services proffered by Big Bad Beards subsequent to the posting of the updated Terms, you unequivocally signify your unwavering acceptance and unequivocal consent to be bound by the modified Terms.

6. Governing Law and Jurisdiction 

6.1. Governing Law: These Terms, as well as all disputes arising therefrom, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom, as applicable to contracts executed and performed therein. 

6.2. Jurisdiction: Any disputes arising from these Terms or the utilization of Big Bad Beards' unrivaled services shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the United Kingdom.